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Langruth News 2006

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Jan, 2006

Langruth Views:  Historic Hotel Burns; Talent Night  Langruth Centennial 2009 (planning Kick Off)  Senior News; Church News; World Today; Lakeview 2005 Bird Count  News from Here, There and Everywhere - by Reporter Teri Soos: Thordarson, Thompson, Callander, Organ, Arksey, Teichrib  News-=cont'd: Brown, Armstrong, Huyber, Vereb, Craik, Kurbis, Arksey, Sveina Johnson passed away, John Thordarson passed away, Soos, Vereb, Johnny Marteinson is ill, Kleemola, Magnusson  News-cont'd: Bales, Poschenrieder, Hotel burns  Thank you from Cliff and Sheila; In Memorium - Grandma Johnson (Sveina)  Grandma Johnson (by Peggy)-cont'd  Grandma Johnson - by Jennifer Hochbaum; News from Melodie in South Korea  PAC Meeting Cancelled; Subscription Rates; Thank you - from Todd Breckman  Grandma's Apron  Langruth Community Callendar - January 2006 

The Langruth Hotel burned down on the morning of Jan 4, 2006 at about 1:30am. It was totally gone in about one hour. Apparently the hydro had been disconnected so arson is suspected. The previous owner had started to gut it to fix it up but he had stopped all work. He also didn't pay his taxes, so it went back to the municipality who were planning to tear it down in the spring. Fire fighters, police and ambulance were on the scene but it was too far gone to stop, so they let it burn except for spraying foam on the old Hardware Store and the roof of the garage. The snow on both roofs helped. There was no wind and with the stucco walls, the fire burn straight up so there was no side damage except for a few ashes around the gas station. Even the trees on the south side are okay. No one was evacuated although the residents in the retirement home behind the hotel were awakened just in case. Tom Bales is credited for noticing the smoke rising from the hotel and calling 911. To see pictures, click here.

Ottawa Citizen: Lake Agassiz started ice age: study 

 Feb, 2006

Langruth Views:

1. Annual Pancake Supper and Talent Auction, Feb 28th; Senior News 
2. Langruth Centennial 2009 planning meeting 
3. Winter Surfing and Reading: library; CFAN News: Pre-school, Computer Classes; Notes from the Council Meeting: High speed internet, $7,000 Grant, Lakeview Grazing Association 
4. Land Zone By-law for all rural land; Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor - Downy Woodpecker; Church News 
5. Dr. Aaron Armstrong in Langruth to treat neuromusculoskeletal injuries 
6.  Grief Recovery/Support Group; School News: new staff and students - Guiboche, Roulette, Graham, Quantrill, Reagan; Love to Read Month 
7. News from Melodie in South Korea 
8. Thank you - The Johnson Family; Obituary - Sveina Johnson 
9. Obituary - Sveina Johnson cont'd; Obituary - John Marteinson 
10. Obiturary - John Marteinson cont'd; Land for Rent 
11. A Senior's Moment - submitted by Nicola Evans 
12. Langruth Calendar - Feb 2006: Curling, Hockey  

March, 2006

Langruth Views:

1. Calving Season Underway; Kinosota Trail Game and Fish 2005 Banquet Results; We are the Champions-Langruth 14 and Under Hockey; LaRu Wins 
2. LIDC Presentation; Reward - Hotel Fire; Council News 
3. Senior News; Nature Notes; Church News 
4. Langruth Elementary School News; Gladstone Arts Festival 
5. Sandy Bay Pow Wow Club; March Centennial Meeting; News from Here and There 
6. News cont'd 
7. News cont'd 
8. Kinosota Trail Game and Fish Family Fun Day - Mar 11, 2006 
9. Vanessa Kopp; News from Melodie 
10. News from Melodie cont'd 
11. Langruth Centennial Celebrations Meeting (Suggestions) 
12. Calendar of Events 

April, 2006

Langruth Views: 

1. Talent Show results; Poker Derby 
2. Community Yard Sale; Big Grass Marsh Planning 
3. Langruth Sports Day - Sat, Aug 5, 2006; Ann Raincock; Senior News; Church News 
4. Nature Notes - Northern Flicker Woodpecker; News from Here and There 
5. News cont'd 
6. Tim Wilson; News; Lakeview Initiatives Community Development Corporation Annual Report for 2005 
7. LICDC cont'd 
8. LICDC cont'd 
9. School News; News from Melodie 
10. WMCI Recognition Assembly; Economic Development Stressed 
11. Langruth Community Yard Sale - 2006 
12. Calendar of Events 

May, 2006

  Langruth Views:
1. Langruth Sports Day 2006; Annual Yard Sale; LICDC Community Barbecue for Rent 
2. Senior News: Liz Johnson, Teri Soos, Rena Arksey; Sheena Woolford, Sean Robertshaw 
3. Robin -by Raymond O'Connor; Church News; Langruth Cemetery Tenders 
4. Foxon Agencies Ltd.; Cemetery News:meetings; News from Here, There and Anywhere: Henritte Kleemola 
5. News cont'd: Jessie Yungkurt, Darrel and Dee Dee Armstrong, Barbara Jackson, Harley Arksey,Charlie Keleman, Inez Rinn 
6. News cont'd; School News: Badminton Players Bring Home Gold 
7. It's a Girl: Jane (Nazar), Brad and Cole Emberly announce birth of Hayley Jane; News from Melodie in South Korea 
8. 55 and Beyond Club Supper - May 25th.; Lakeview Initiatives 
9. Knee Braces - by Dr Aaron Armstrong D.C. 
10. Langruth Community Calendar May 2006 

June, 2006

Langruth Views:
1. Langruth Sports Day 2006 - Aug 5th; Decoration Day 
2. 2nd Annual Garden Tour; Centennial Meeting; TOPS; Henriette Kleemola, Viola Wild, Jessie Yungkurt; Song Sparrow- Raymond O'Connor 
3. Church News; Jim, Brenda, Meikle, Joey, Lydia, Chris, Tara, Sapphire, Sabrina - birth of Ty Christopher 
4. News from Here, There and ...; Rita Organ, Dina Zanolli, Kareena Callander, Jeff Zanolli, Ken and Evelynne Callander 
5. News from Here, There...cont'd - Shand, Vereb, Raincock, Moffat, Arksey, Yungkurt, MacLaughlin; Thank You - Dale, Jane, Daphne, Jesse, Sheralynn, Chris, Nicola, Ben, Alverna, Kerry, Sharron, Morgan and Keaton Arksey 
6. News from Here and There cont'd, Jackson, Bertram, Polson, Craik, Organ, Rinn, Oskar Bjarnarson, Jensen, Armstrong, Hanneson, Johnson, Thompson, Smith; In memory of Ron Puddicombe 
7. News cont'd: Smith, Ryplanski, Einarson, Thompson, Kelemen, Jackson, Halderson, Arksey, MacFarlane, Armstrong; RCMP Report: new boundaries; Eyvi Smith 
8. Glen Ramsay; News from Melodie in South Korea 
9. Council News: restaurant, Keith Arthur Project 
10. Langruth Calendar - June 2006 

    July, 2006

    Langruth Views:
    1. Langruth Elementary Graduates of 2006: Christel Wilson, Shena Woolford, Tiffany Beaulieu, Brad Huyber, Roddy Thordarson, Kaylene Craik, Thomas Evans, Alyssa Hill, Curtis Sutherland, Leighton Peters, Chris Rinn 
    2. Cory and Kari Hanneson-baby Tristyn Rease; Langruth Sports Day activities 
    3. Sports Day cont'd; Senior News: Inez Rinn, Rena Arksey, Marlene Jensen, Rita Organ, Ralph Thompson, Einar Sigurdson 
    4. Church News; Municipal News: Hollywood Beach, broadband Internet, News... 
    5. News from Here and There...cont'd: Carma Hackewich, Kaitlin Wild, Kelly Egilson, Travis McPhail, Trina Emerson 
    6. News cont'd: Vivian Bales, Marsha Soos, Liz Roy, Inez Rinn, Rena Arksey, Sollynd Weatheral; Jim and Maureen Bohm-Ryan and Donna 
    7. News cont'd: Einar and Edythe Sigurdson, Ted and Lynne Pajunen, Wally and Mildred Armstrong, Philip Kelemen; News from Melodie 
    8. News from Melodie in South Korea cont'd 
    9. Microwave warning; Surprise Birthday Party - Robert Thompson; Spotted Sandpiper - Raymond O'Connor 
    10. Calendar of Events 

    August, 2006

    Langruth Views:

    1.  Fall Fair; Sports Day; Restaurant and Motel Project Update 
    2. Scott and Garrett Gall birthday; News from Melodie; Kristen Gall 
    3. Kaitlin, Thomas, Juliene and Brownyn Evans; Legion tenders for Steward; social for Ryan and Donna Bohm 
    4. News From Here, There and Anywhere: Rose Bale, Les and Marlene Craik, Fina Lasson, Norman and Rhonda Arnason
    5. News, cont'd: Rena Arksey, Mildred Armstrong, Robertshaw, Carla Starr, Nicola and Sammy Evans, Wayne Organ, Byron Arksey, Encil Arksey, Thelma Bird
    6. Senior News; Church News; Jim Bohm mistaken identity; Nature notes: Veery by Raymond O'Connor
    7. Lakeview Council News-Municipal Curfew; Encil Arksey obituary
    8. MUDD BOGG - Sunday, Sept 3rd, 2006
    9. Langruth Sports Day Outline - Sat., Aug 5th, 2006
    10. Langruth Calendar - August, 2006 

      Sept, 2006

      Langruth Views:

      Page 1:  Richard Callander - Manitoba Chuck Wagon Champion; New residents: Lyndenn Behm and Matilda Roulette-Behm, Dan, Cheryl and Devon Klassen; 4H; North Lakeland Cairn; Family Services; Patricia Blondal Memorial Writers - Sharon Arksey 

      Page 2:  Don't Mess with a Country Girl - Heather Thordarson; Senior News - Inez Rinn; Church News

      Page 3:  Legion Fee Increase to $30 and $35; Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor - Rose-breasted Grosbeak

      Page 4:  Sports Day Sponsors; Fall Fair 2006 - list of volunteers

      Page 5:  Thank you from Wilma and Bill Nielson for Encil Arksey; News from Here, There and Anywhere by Teri Soos: Neil and Karen Single

      Page 6:  News cont'd: Ron Brown, Rena Arksey, Norman and Rhonda Arnason, Heather Arksey, Fina Lasson, Lawrie Hilton

      Page 7:  News cont'd: Louis and Julia Keleman, Raymond O'Connor, Ed Lasson, Einar Sigurdson, Joe Vereb, Walter Bertram passes away; C-FAN Playground Fund

      Page 8:  Dr. Aaron Armstrong schedule change; Advertising Rates

      Marg Sorenson Memorial Trophy: Grand Aggregate: 1 st Trophy: Bernice Evenson
      Youth Grand Aggregate Plaque: Most Points in Class VI-A 11 and under Class VI-B 16 and under: Victoria Jackson
      Helga Hanneson Memorial Plaque: Grand Aggregate Class III, IV, V: Bernice Evenson
      Maude Arksey Memorial Plaque: Most first prizes in total fair: Bernice Evenson
      Langruth Fall Fair Plaque: Grand Aggregate in Handicrafts: Tillie Wiebe
      W.I. Memorial Plaque: Grand Aggregate in Class II: Barbara Jackson
      McCains Trophy: Grand Aggregate in Potatoes: Isabel Dixon
      Irene "George" Hanneson Memorial Trophy: 1st Prize in Cinnamon Buns: Bre QuantritI
      "Tea Time" In memory of Noreen Gardiner: 1st prize for arrangement in cup and saucer: Bemice Evenson
      New Exhibitor (most points): $10.00 Jessie Yungkurt: Shirley Stinson

      Page 10:  Langruth Community Calendar - September 2006: Mudd Bogg Sept 3rd

      Oct, 2006

      Langruth Views:

      Page 1: Municipal News: Philip Thordarson new Reeve; Ward One - Wayne Gardiner; Ward Two - Jim Rinn; Ward Three - Tom Teichroeb; Ward Four - election Oct 25th for Richard Callander and Norman Caddoo. CJET Wireless presentation of High Speed Internet; Kristen, Garrett and Scott Gall grew 245 pound pumpkin; Marlene Craik new school trustee for Ward One
      Page 2: Happy Birthday to Marty Hanneson;  Nature  Notes from Raymond - Northern Saw-Whet Owl; Senior News: Sheila Sepke, Lawrie Hilton, Marge Marsiski, Raymond O'Connor; Church News
      Page 3: Church News; T.O.P.S. Rally
       Page 4: News: Melody Leclerc returns home
      Page 5: News cont'd: Roger and Marie Leclerc, Benjii Wilson, Thelma Kubb, Bruce Hanneson, Isabel Thomson, Elfreda Jorgenson, Betty Skorpata, Tom Bales, Louis Kelemen, Jack Oliver, Patty Johnson shower
      Page 6: News cont'd: Ryan and Donna Bohm, Kyle and Dana Armstrong
      Page 7: News cont'd: Raymond O'Connor 80th birthday; Joe Soos 81st; Harold Halldorson passed away; Lloyd Orstead passed away; Chris Quantrill fire; Louis and Julia Kelemen; Joe and Helen Karaz; Old Time Threshing at Murray Johanson's Oct 3rd; Melodie returns to Canada; School News: Chris Rinn; Book Fair
      Page 8: Langruth Elementary School (LES) Sports Report; Principal Letter for Quantrill family; Ancestral Search: Don and Katherine MacInnes, Gordon McInnes, Hector McKechnie
      Page 9: Ads - Langruth Bingo
      Page 10: Langruth Community Calendar - October 2006

      Nov, 2006

      Langruth Views:
      Page 1: Grand Opening Invitation - Jessie Yungkurt; Ward 4 - Richard Callander; Langruth Legion #162 Remembrance Day
      Page 2: Legion Support Travel Club and Quantrill family; Bingo Offers Trip; Steve and Marion Huyber 50th Wedding Anniversary; Fall Supper - 320 people; Wedding thank you - Kyle and Dana Armstrong
      Page 3: Community Canvas; Fundraiser thank you - Michelle and Brad Huyber; Donations Sought for North Lakeland School Cairn
      Page 4: Annual Langruth Craft Sale; Nature Notes - Evening Grosbeak by Raymond O'Connor; Skating Lessons
      Page 5: Thank you - Bre, Joshua, and Helena Quantrill
      Page 6: Senior News: Jessie Yungkurt, Rena Arksey, Wally Armstrong; Church News
      Page 7: News from Here and There (by Teri Soos): Jessica Keleman, Ernie Soos, Emily Thompson, Glenys Hilton, Clifford Sepke, Steve Huyber, Frank Mak, Ada Thompson, Olivia Arnason Tomasson, Gordon Reed, Neil and Karen Single, Philip and Holly Keleman, Eyvi Smith Medal of Honour for Bravery, Marty Keleman, John Johannson, Gerald Arksey
      Page 8: News Cont'd: Ken and Vicki Hildebrand, Doug and LeeAnn Thompson, George and Janet Keleman, Margaret Ann and Mike Vuignier, Kristin Arksey, Fina Lasson, Tom Bales, Joe Vereb, Mary Arksey, Louis Roy, Brian Fraser, Frank Mak, Glenda McLaughlin
      Page 9: News Cont'd: Lil Parsons, Ben Kraning, Don Gibbings; Annual Tree Lighting Dec 1st.
      Page 10: Langruth School Sports; Book Fair; Toronto Trip; Langruth Students published in OWL magazine; Book Sale
      Page 11: Langruth Trivia Night Nov 10th
      Page 12: Langruth Community Calendar - Nov 2006

      Dec, 2006

      Langruth Views:
      Page 1: Tree Lighting, Dec 1st; Christmas Concert Schedule; Game and Fish Banquet; Legion News; Legion Christmas Party
      Page 2: How Jackie Found the Wind by Jessie Yungkurt; Church News
      Page 3:  Langruth United Church Women; Dr Aaron Armstrong; Fifty and Beyond News
      Page 4: Community Bingo Ends; WMCI Band Trip Fund Raiser; Ridge Water; Nature Notes from Raymond O'Connor - Rock Dove
      Page 5: 60 Year Membership for Rena Arksey in the Legion Ladies Auxiliary; Recreation Committe Hall Update; Foxon Agencies Ltd
      Page 6: News From Here, There and Aywhere; Thank You from Harold and Marj Rhodes and David and Joanne Egilson
      Page 7: News Cont'd: Rena Arksey, Aaron Brown
      Page 8: Langruth Mudd Bogg results and volunteers
      Page 9: Jack and Betty Oliver 60th Wedding Anniversary; Banana Split Slice recipe
      Page 10: 4-H News: Club Leaders-Barb Hill, Nicola Evans, Laurie Hilton, Marlene Craik, and Heather Davies; School News-Toronto Travel Group Trivia Night
      Page 11: Langruth Community Calendar December 2006: Christmas Concert Dec 21st

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